Till Feser

Till Feser

Till Feser

Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery

Hello, my name is Till Feser and I am pleased to welcome you to our practice pages.


10/1998 – 05/2005 Medical studies at the Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf
05/2005 Third State Examination
09/2003 Second state examination
03/2002 First State Examination
09/2000 Physikum
2016 Foundation of DUS Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery

Praxis for conservative and surgical procedures

2014 – 2015 Malteser KH St. Anna Duisburg-Huckingen, CA PD. Dr. med. Lauschke

Trauma Surgery Section, Focus Traumatology

2011 – 2014 Orthopaedics / Spine Surgery, St. Vinzenz Hospital, Düsseldorf

CA PD Dr. Steffen, Ltd.OA Dr. Sardemann, CA Prof. Dr. Herdmann, Ltd. OA Prof. Dr. Floeth

Endoprosthetics: hip and knee endoprosthetics, revision endoprosthetics, complication management of periprosthetic fractures, dislocations, loosening, septic removal and two-stage replacement. Shoulder arthroplasty.

Arthroscopic surgery: knee arthroscopy, meniscus/chondral lesions, ACL plastic surgery, MPFL plastic surgery, shoulder arthroscopy for impingement and labrum lesions.

Sports orthopaedics.

Spine surgery: Microsurgical nucleotomy, Microsurgical decompression of the spinal canal, Cervical fusion, Cervical vertebral body replacement, Lumbar fusion in TLIF technique, Dorsal stabilisation with fixator in minimally invasive technique and open technique. Vertebroplasty under X-ray control for sintering fractures of the vertebral bodies.

Interventional pain therapy: Conservative therapy of spinal diseases.

Special X-ray-guided pain infusions and measures:

PRT (Peri-Radicular Therapy),

SIG infiltration (sacroiliac joint),

Epidural flooding with introduction of medication into the epidural space,

Facet infiltrations (small vertebral joints) and facet coagulation (sclerotherapy of small nerve endings at the facet joints of the lumbar spine for long-term pain relief).

2005 – 2011 Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik Duisburg

CA Prof. Dr. Kortmann, CA und Klinikdirektor Dr. P-M. Hax

Emergency room: Serious injury and burn care.

General trauma surgery: fracture treatment, osteosyntheses, fixator systems, soft tissue traumas.

Septic surgery: Special osteitis treatment, soft tissue revisions, special VAC therapy for the treatment of larger wounds and wound healing disorders, mesh graft coverage (transplantation of upper skin layer areas after special preparation).

Bg-liches Heilverfahren, BG-liches Rehamanagement.

Special BG exo-prosthesis consultation: Prosthetic care after amputations, conservative and surgical residual limb care, knowledge of all common prostheses for the upper and lower extremities.

Special BG shoe consultation: orthopaedic technical care for gait disorders after fractures, joint stiffening, malpositions, soft tissue destruction and limb deformities.

2008 Rotation in trauma surgery, Klinikum Duisburg, CA Dr. Rülander

General trauma surgery: general fracture care

Endoprosthetics: hip/kneed

Arthroscopic knee surgery

Cross-specialty services for general, vascular and trauma surgery/orthopaedics

2015 Specialist qualification in manual medicine / chiropractic according to Dr. A. Refisch, Verumchiro (Association of Independent Manual Physicians/Osteopaths)
2013 Obtaining the specialist title in orthopaedics and trauma surgery
2011 Emergency doctor/rescue service qualification
2009 Specialised knowledge in radiation protection for X-ray diagnostics, emergency diagnostics (extremities, skull, spine, thorax, abdomen), X-ray diagnostics of the entire skeleton.
Member of the German Society for Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery (DGOOC)
06/2002 – 07/2005 Proliferation and osteogenetic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cell cultures from adult bone marrow on three different, biodegradable polymers in vitro.

Orthopaedic Clinic, HHU, Düsseldorf

Prof. Dr. R. Krauspe, Prof. Dr. Marcus Jäger, HHU, Düsseldorf

2002 – 2003 IceAliens, Ratingen
1998 – 2001 Düsseldorfer EG
1997 – 1998 Hamburg Crocodiles
1993 – 1997 MERC “The Eagles” Mannheim
1992 – 1993 BSC Preussen Berlin
1989 – 1992 ECD Iserlohn
04/2000 Promotion to the DEL, Düsseldorfer EG
04/1997 German Champion 1997, “Die Adler” Mannheim
1992 – 1997 Member of the German National Ice Hockey Team
12/1996 German senior national team, Germany Cup 1996, Stuttgart
12/1992 German senior national team, Isvestia Cup, Moscow
1990 – 1992 Member of the German Junior National Team
12/1991 World Junior Championship, Füssen/Germany
U21 National Team

Till Feser short introduction

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