Transit doctor Ratingen

Transit doctor Ratingen

Medical officer (D-doctor) in Ratingen

As an accident insurance physician in Ratingen, we treat you for accidents at work, commuting accidents and school accidents, among other things.
If a transit doctor is required, please contact us at the Ratingen site.

Transit doctor Ratingen

In the event of an accident at work, school or on the way to work, they are entitled to fast, competent and medical treatment.

Our specialist surgeon Dr. med. Markus Löbbert has the specialisation in trauma surgery and the additional qualification in hand surgery. He is licensed as a transit doctor in Ratingen by the employers’ liability insurance associations for the treatment of accidents at work, commuting accidents, school accidents and kindergarten accidents.

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Transit doctor

What does a transit doctor do?

A “Durchgangsarzt” or “D-Arzt” for short is a medical doctor with specialisation, usually in surgery with a focus on trauma surgery or in orthopaedics and trauma surgery with additional knowledge in “special trauma surgery”. They are officially authorised by the supreme institutions of the employers’ liability insurance associations for trade and industry and the accident insurance institutions for public institutions to care for patients who have experienced accidents at work, on the way to or from work, as well as accidents in educational institutions such as schools and kindergartens.

When do I have to see the D-doctor?

If, for example, you or a family member suffer an accident at work, on the way to work or at a school or kindergarten, it is not your regular health insurance that is responsible for the costs, but the responsible employers’ liability insurance association or statutory accident insurance fund.

Even if initial medical care has been provided in a hospital or by a general practitioner, it is necessary to consult a specialist (D-doctor) recognised by the Berufsgenossenschaft.

This ensures that you or your family members receive the best possible treatment to enable a rapid reintegration into everyday life.

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What characterises a transit doctor?

Transit doctors are medical doctors with specialisations in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, and they also have a qualification in “special trauma surgery”, or they are surgeons who focus on trauma surgery. Before treating certain types of accidents, they must obtain official approval from the statutory accident insurers or professional associations.

What are the tasks of a D-doctor?

A D-doctor bears the responsibility for deciding whether to continue the treatment of the employee or the pupil or kindergarten child. He informs the statutory accident insurance and keeps an eye on the course of treatment, even if the further care of the employee or the pupil or kindergarten child is carried out by other medical professionals.

Can I go to any transit doctor?

Yes, you can go to any transit doctor you want. It does not automatically always have to be the D-doctor in the hospital.

What is understood as an occupational accident?

Any accident that occurs at work or on the way to work or on the way home from work. Also all school or kindergarten accidents.

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